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  • Complete with cylinder scuff guard, SCBA fill connection, fill hose and bleed valve
  • Fill control panel with adjustable regulator, relief valve, manual control valve and pressure gauge for each fill position (S version only)
  • CFS 5.5® M versions designed for use with remote air distribution panel
  • Mounting base is standard on “S” version and optional on “M” version
  • Convenient door handle actuation
  • Bottom venting
  • Reduced footprint

CFS 5.5® Containment Fill System

The BAUER 5.5 Series of Containment SCBA/SCUBA Fill Stations have been independently tested to the stringent test parameters dictated by NFPA 1901.
Formed plate steel and fewer weldments help maintain structural integrity while at the same time reducing size and weight. Bauer's ergonomic “Easy Load” door design allows the operator to open and close the door with less than 18 lbs. of force without hyper-extended hand and wrist movements.